The Only Hands On,

Structured Wellness Program

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Simple and effective lifestyle changes, backed by science...

for women managing their blood sugars


Membership program that provides monthly trainings on health and wellness from me. A variety of tools and challenges to support you on your journey.

Plus Member Perks and Discounts towards personalized coaching and support.

  • Monthly Trainings

  • Challenges, Templates and Trackers

  • New Mini Guides Each Month

  • and more!

All of this for only $7 per month!

3 Phases of Your Wellness Journey

Lifestyle & habits are the most powerful tools we have. On our wellness journey, the following Cs are the key blocks that stop us from using these tools:


What to do, where to start, and how to discern the information.


Once we know what works, how do we stay consistent with it?


As our life stage changes (we get older and our bodies change) we need to review and adjust our lifestyle and habits to get the results we want.

About Us

Meet Pooja Graham, a Certified Life, Health, and Wellness Coach with nearly two decades of experience in thriving with Type 2 Diabetes.

Having explored numerous diets and trends, Pooja has developed a unique and successful blend of strategies to help her clients maintain happy and health lives.

With a personal history of living well with Type 2 Diabetes and even being able to manage her health during her pregnancies, Pooja brings empathy, understanding, and proven methods to her transformative work.

What Are Our Customers Saying ?

Feedback from our delighted clientele.

"My session with Pooja was phenomenal!!

She helped me get a deeper understanding, that food is our medicine. Not only did she give me a fantastic plant based meal ideas, so i can obtain a healthier lifestyle, also how to lose some unwanted weight. Pooja is delightful and i highly recommend her."


"I LOVE MY SESSIONS WITH Pooja!! With her guidance, I learned AND IMPLEMENTED SIMPLE STRATEGIES SEAMLESSLY. From SEEING ALMOST INSTANT RESULTS IN MY OWN HEALTH AND BEING ABLE TO DO THESE WITH MY FAMILY, is truly LIFE CHANGING. Pooja's delightful personality made the whole process enjoyable. I highly recommend her for a holistic approach to nutrition, habits, and structured living"


“The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well”


Lifestyle Changes Work, Even if Your Goals Include:

  • Losing Weight

  • Having More Energy

  • Reducing Blood Sugar Levels

  • Creating a Rinse and Repeat Eating System

  • Improving your Quality of Sleep

  • Reducing the Negative Thoughts

  • A plan to participate in social gatherings and have fun.

  • Living a life of JOY!

Other Offerings

Sweet Success Squad

They say that If you want to get far, do it with others!

This is a 13 week group program that you do with me and other like minded people struggling with their blood sugar levels. Get the speed and collective momentum to get to your goals faster.

Sweet Life BluePrint

A 13 week 1-on-1 coaching program that offers personalized coaching, free membership to our supportive community - Sweet Success Squad, and a personalized success plan based on proven and ancient science to help manage sugar levels and improve lifestyle. Bonuses include progress tracking, access to guest experts, and a plant-based cooking masterclass.

Sign up for this transformative program today.

No matter how many diets you try

or how much you exercise,

Are you still not able to lower your blood sugar levels?

Here's what they aren't telling you...


5 Ancient Secrets to enhance your health

& support lowering your blood sugars.

Finally experience a healthy lifestyle without relying on outdated and useless misinformation.

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Do You Struggle With Cravings?

Ever wonder why you need Chocolate? Chips?

When it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it can be incredibly frustrating when our bodies seem to work against us. However, it's important to remember that our bodies and brains are incredibly complex and there are often underlying reasons why we feel the urge to indulge in unhealthy foods.

This FREE Masterclass will explore these reasons in-depth, providing you with the knowledge and tools you need to better understand your body and mind. By learning more about the triggers that cause us to crave unhealthy foods, you'll be better equipped to make conscious decisions that support your long-term health goals.

In addition to understanding the science behind cravings, this Masterclass will also cover practical strategies for managing your cravings and sticking to a healthy eating plan. From mindfulness techniques to meal planning tips, you'll leave this Masterclass feeling empowered to take control of your health and wellness.

This FREE Masterclass will help you learn why your body and brain take over and you can't help but running into the kitchen and eating all of the things that you know are keeping you from being your healthiest self!

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